December 21: Last shirt and lament

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I was going to do a Solstice craft tonight, but by the time everyone’s needs were met and the last Christmas tasks done, there was nothing left in me. So here is the picture of the last kid T-shirt I made today. If I don’t make another one for a year, it will be too soon.


Although I didn’t make a Solstice craft, J. did. In case you are not sure what that is, it’s the sun. The side without toothpicks is the dark side; the toothpick-laden one is the light side of the sun, sun reborn. J. will turn it to the light side tomorrow, to mark the beginning of winter, the birth of the sun and of the goddess, who will be a maiden again. To the right of the sun is about 1/5 of my total pile of Christmas letter sent in the past week.


I have nothing to make for anyone for a while now. Oh, the freedom for making crafts for the sake of crafts again!



December 20: more shirts and some photos

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While waiting for the end of the world, I/we have been keeping busy. J. entered a Lego train into a contest at the History Museum. Notice that the competition is rather small (they failed to advertise to the general public).


While at the history museum, we had a few nice photo ops due to the fabulous dreamy lighting inside the museum.



Here is one that expresses my usual sentiments:


And finally, I am still making T-shirts for kids. Obviously, they won’t be done by Christmas (this one is going to England). I am proud of this stencil, as it was more involved to cut out than the other ones. I had to do some actual thinking to figure out how to make it work.


December 7: Yoda

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The fact that I do everything the hard way is not necessarily good. For example, this Yoda T-shirt for a boy who loves all things Star Wars (no, not my kid, though he does too), could be a lot better if I applied the paint in a way other than with a thin paintbrush. Tonight though I was introduced to a self-healing mat as opposed to the newspaper I usually cut my stencils out on, so that’s progress.

This says a lot about me and other aspects of my life. I hope to soon learn that there are really no benefits to always choosing the more difficult route in life.


December 6: Still the same thing

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I guess this blog will be pretty boring until I get all my T-shirts done. There are still at least 4 to go. But the skunk turned out great, and the matching shirts for a lovely girl and her baby brotherĀ  are not so bad either.


My little darling was making buttons for his two best (girl)friends, and I made one too.


So it doesn’t matter that our gifts don’t look professional. It’s the gift of love & handmade. Not to mention some serious bonding time with your children.

December 5: T shirts keep coming

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This year I have been taking T-shirt orders from kids, which may not be a great idea. It is much simpler to use one design for all. Still, I am not complaining. It’s a fun challenge to find appropriate images. I think that the most creative request has come from J’s friend who is coming to visit us this weekend. She asked for a baby skunk. It is even more interesting that I was able to find a baby skunk stencil online! Where would the world be without the Internet?

The shirts are not done of course, as the paint has to dry before I peel the freezer paper off. The skunk will be tricky because I still have to paint the remaining parts white.


December 4: T shirts again

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Today’s two T-shirts were for colleagues’ kids.

I thought I was being so clever by making a mushroom shirt for the son of a colleague who is a mushroom enthusiast (and I do mean the edible kind), but only after I had made both I realized that I got the sizes mixed up. Oh, well.

To be continued. More kids are waiting for their shirts.

November 30: Fireman T-shirt

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The first of the kid T-shirts I am making for the holidays is (almost) done. Our friend Boki is visiting, so the first shirt of the season goes to his son, who just happens to like cars and trucks. The best stencil we found online was of a fire truck. Then I printed the image, copied it onto freezer paper, cut it out with an Xacto knife, ironed onto the shirt, and painted. The finished product will be available tomorrow. I am so grateful to have discovered freezer paper stencils. They have made J’s wardrobe so much more interesting, and my holiday gifting easier and more exciting.


October 6: Fall shirts

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We spent the day on farms, going through corn mazes and admiring pumpkins. Inspired by this, I decorated some kids shirts with fall motives: owls and a pumpkin.

For the owl I used a fabric stamp and ink pad bought at JoAnn’s. For the pumpkin, I used a freezer paper stencil. If you don’t know how to make freezer paper stencils, here is a good tutorial.

Happy Fall!

August 20: T shirts

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Some of my readers may be thinking, Enough of that self-reflective stuff! I want to see some practical creativity, something I can wear, something that can bring my family together!

Well, you are in luck. The other day we were reading There’s a wocket in my pocket by Dr. Seuss, and I was reminded that D. wanted me to make him a T shirt with a bofa on the sofa. J. of course also thought that this would be a great T shirt, and so this morning we got up, I pulled out my inkjet transfer sheets and three blank T shirts, found the image of the bofa on Google images, printed it out (don’t forget to print mirror image), ironed it on, and voila:

One for D, one for J, and one for O. Note that green shirts are not the best for transfers. Now I know.

Also make sure to get the best and priciest transfer paper because it really does make a difference. And above all, go read some Dr. Seuss (though I do find it annoying that there are hardly any female characters, in particular reasonable ones, in any of his books).


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