August 9: Scrapbooking?

August 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

There was much promise of creativity today. This morning I almost wrote a poem, and my kid made me a bracelet

Exhibit A


and a challenging maze was made in the sand

Exhibit B

and we spent our beach walk collecting driftwood and crab legs, planning to make something with them. The crab legs in particular were for an “imperial cleaner upper” that was supposed to clean everything in three minutes (“vacuum cleaner is out, imperial cleaner upper is in!”). I would have loved to have such a device, but alas, neither did I make anything from driftwood, not did J. make the promised cleaning device.

Oh well. I spent the evening catching up on what passes for our family scrapbook.  I don’t really scrapbook. Rather, as I document obsessively, I collect flyers and tickets from all events we attend, then glue them into a notebook, and add some commentary. D. makes it all pretty, with photos and decorations, and should probably be our family historian, but I usually get to it first. The scrapbook looks something like this:

Nothing special. But I swear that glue sticks are good for your soul.

I need to try to make these art projects earlier in the day so that the photos don’t always end up looking so dark (I hate flash).

To end, I wish you


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