June 10: Waldo is back; and June 11: origami is back

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Monday was “dress as your favorite character” day at school, which gave us a chance to pull out the Waldo costumes and have some (creative) dress up fun early in the morning. And the sun was out, which allowed me to get one or two nice shots of Waldo and his cool dad who dressed in costume in solidarity.



Last night at dinner, J. asked “So how do you make an origami cat?” I don’t know where that question came from, since we weren’t talking about cats or origami. But it’s a good question, and I found out from my friend the Internet. And we made a cat.


I have high hopes for his origami future.


May 19: J’s first origami lesson

May 20, 2013 § 1 Comment

You can’t make this kid do anything. Some days I bug him to do this or that with me, and he refuses everything. He hasn’t had any interest in making origami until yesterday, when he woke up, declared he loves making art, made a candle and a card for my dad before breakfast, and then asked me to teach him some origami. So we made a butterfly and purse (from the Minigami book) together. He used the butterfly as a clip for a card to himself reminding him not to be mean, and he had me make him a duck for his purse. Children. They always surprise you.


April 18: The one that failed

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I spent an hour trying make an origami elephant, but somehow the reverse folds weren’t clicking today. Oh, well. A larger issue is the fact that I have been running around like a headless chicken without any hope of getting everything done. I realize getting everything done is an impossible goal, but I try anyway.

In any case, here is the flawed elephant and a flawed frog from the flawed me.



April 12: Cranes

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One more layer is  needed for the pinata before it’s painted, but I confess: I was too tired to do it tonight. I spent the evening entering grades and answering email (I know! It’s  Friday, what am I thinking?) and by the time I was done, I only felt like making a spotted crane from origami paper. I remember a time when I could barely understand instructions for making one, so it was very cool that tonight I made the second crane (the green one) without even looking at instructions. Furthermore, inspiration struck me, and I decided to fill J’s birthday pinata with origami animals, including these two cranes, and not forgetting that cranes symbolize peace. Which is certainly always welcome in this household.

More birthday preparations on the way! We are so behind!



April 7: A note

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J. goes back to school tomorrow after a long spring break. We were gone all day today, and I just finished preparing for classes, but I really wanted to make him a note. I saw a great picture of a note folded out of notebook paper, with a heart on top, and I was sure I could make something like it for him. But I couldn’t figure it out. And I get mad when I can’t figure something out, but I am also too tired to get too mad, so I just googled “paper heart note,” and got one that I am not crazy about, but it’s too late now. I wrote J. a note, folded it up, taped it, and it’s ready for the lunchbox. In the perfect world, one would make and write notes to loved ones every day.

March 24: Ducks and monsters

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More of the same thing, really, but I have really taken to paper crafts. I see this as my apprentice stage: I learn how to make origami, paper monsters, and kirigami, following others’ instructions. Then, eventually, maybe, I will be able to venture into my own papercuts and such. In the meantime, there is a baby duck for J’s lunchbox (I have since made an adult duck too, to keep it company), and a fierce paper monster that feeds off the mess in a boy’s room.


March 22: Works in progress

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Are you curious about how our stalactites from 10(ish) days ago turned out? See for yourselves:


The experiment was great fun. D. can’t wait for it to be out of the kitchen so he can get his counter space back.

The spring banner is also up, but it’s not complete. There is something missing. Perhaps a few mini flowers?  I will finish tomorrow, on my first day of  spring break.


And maybe I will even  take a picture in daylight for a change.

March 21: Spring banner

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In honor of spring, I am making a paper flower banner for the front door. Too bad I am too sleepy to  finish it today. Here is what I have so far:


I admit to spending the afternoon at a coffee shop with the family cutting these out, drinking coffee, and eating a lemon poppyseed muffin. It was lovely and if only every day were like our Thursdays (but then we probably wouldn’t enjoy them as much).

March 20: maple leaf

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It has become clear to me that origami and kirigami are becoming my new obsessions. As obsessions go, these are certainly not the worst. Today I spent 12 hours away from home, and didn’t see either of my children before they went to bed. Maybe that’s why I spent quite a bit of time mindfully cutting out maple leaves from origami paper instead of rushing to grade papers, which is what I usually do. The trickiest part was getting those 36 degree angles to line up, which you’d think wouldn’t be hard for me as a mathematician to do. But there you have it. Out of four attempts, one didn’t even look like a maple leaf, and the last one (the one to the right) turned out the best. Tomorrow will be even better.


March 18: Instead of lunch box notes

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Monday. Back to the usual weeknight projects, which must take little time, and should not be too adventurous. Somewhere along the way I stopped doing more spiritually oriented projects too. On top of all that, I seem to waste a lot of time during the day, so when night comes, I have neither time nor energy for well-being.

But everyone can use a penguin in his/her lunchbox. So I made two: one for J. and the other for his best friend. Hopefully, it will make their lunches tomorrow just a little more fun.


I dare myself to try a more challenging origami project this week. I have some decoupaging in mind for tomorrow. Maybe if I declare it on the blog, I will actually do it.

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