March 24: Ducks and monsters

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More of the same thing, really, but I have really taken to paper crafts. I see this as my apprentice stage: I learn how to make origami, paper monsters, and kirigami, following others’ instructions. Then, eventually, maybe, I will be able to venture into my own papercuts and such. In the meantime, there is a baby duck for J’s lunchbox (I have since made an adult duck too, to keep it company), and a fierce paper monster that feeds off the mess in a boy’s room.



January 12: Star Wars Legos portrait gallery

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Most of my life is spent comfortably away from the mainstream, but unfortunately I have a child who is mad about Legos, so what can you do? We spent the day in Legoland. I will say that the engineering is pretty spectacular, and it seems that their designers can build just about anything. My favorite photos from today (I took 200, pared down to 100)  are of the Start Wars characters (i.e. portrait gallery):




December 10: mid-December rush to get things done on time

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Things are getting busy here in Santa’s workshop. With O’s front teeth coming in, usual parenting duties, and lesson plans to grade, little time (or rather energy) remains for the business of buying, making, and sending gifts. For some reason it really matters to me to do things right and send out the usual 50 cards and 10 gifts, even though no one will care much if I don’t.

Tonight J. got out of making stuff with me again, promising that he will help tomorrow. The kid makes a lot of promises he doesn’t keep. Before he left me to look for Waldo, we’d decided to make a small bag of tree decorations for his friends. In fact, he did make one tonight:


Well of course it’s a Lego gift! What else? Actually, we got the idea from a website.

I finished up some pending projects: I made some more buttons with an image of a heart-shaped Earth and some more T-shirts,


this time, having learned my lesson, using a sponge and not a thin paintbrush; I also found a way to make my herb tins more interesting


with some Buddha and peace sign beads. What can I say, it’s the hippie in me.

This is what the area under the couch looks right now, waiting for a few more homemade-looking items to be made.


November 22: At the nature center

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Holidays are great times for family hikes. We had the entire Nature Center to ourselves today. I am still trying to learn to take better photos. Here are a few.


And in the meantime, the Lego master has been busy building a mansion.

September 18: Legos and compulsive behavior

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I don’t know what possessed me to rebuild that Millennium Falcon Lego set. Because I assure you, I did almost all of it myself. Maybe it was the fact that someone paid a whole lot of money for it, and then it sat in the corner somewhere, all broken up. Maybe it’s that I secretly like building Lego sets. Maybe I am just masochistic.

It took three days, maybe more. Many of the pieces were elsewhere. But I persevered, and Han Solo’s ship is done.

On a spiritual fulfillment scale, this project gets a 2. There are certainly better and less frustrating ways to spend time. But, hey, I got a few evenings of hanging out with J. in his room, doing little or no thinking. And that’s not a bad thing.

September 14: Millennium falcon

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What? Other people don’t spend Friday nights building Lego sets? Hm… I must be hopelessly stuck in mommy-land. In any case, I decided to spend the Friday night with my eldest and indulge his addiction… I mean passion, and rebuild his Millennium Falcon set. It was a gift from his aunt, and the first time he built it was in a hotel room in Portland, with desperate urgency, so much so that we spent most of that weekend in the hotel instead of enjoying the city. The other day we took it apart (it has been disintegrating) and tonight we started the daunting task of building it again. Though following instructions may not be considered the most creative activity in the world, we are making something new: Han Solo’s ship! So here is how far we got

and this is where we are going

Stay tuned.

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