June 29-30: Kids making art

July 1, 2013 § 1 Comment

I love it when kids make art because they want to and not because you told them to. For example, J. went to drawing camp last week because he wanted to learn how to draw his lizard, and the camp was about drawing animals. He enjoyed every day of it, and on Friday he came home with all this:


Maybe I am just a biased mom, but I think this is pretty darn good. And he was so proud:

pix joe artshow3

Yesterday, his best friend spent the day with us, and in the afternoon, they really wanted to paint outside, which I don’t blame them for, as it was a gorgeous day, and the garden looks fantastic these days.  They painted on the same paper but on the opposite sides of the easel, and when they were done, it looked like this:


As you can see, we love displaying kids’ art in our house.

Then today we were at the art museum, which was packed since it was 90 degrees outside, and we spent time in our favorite part of the museum — the art resource room. J. was the one who didn’t want to leave. He made a few neat things, and was especially interested in printmaking. A book for his grandmother came out of that:


The rest of us dabbled too, including O. who loves pencils and paper, and who today also drooled on paper and then punched a hole in it. You’ve got to encourage creativity from the youngest age, no?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAArt is a life-saver. I keep saying this, but I am amazed at what it does for J. He loves museums: he looks at the art, discusses it with me, watches the short movies about artists they show, and especially likes making things himself.

As for me, since this is my blog after all, I finally made some magnets, and packed them in little bags with handmade soaps I bought at the local soap store as gifts for friends. Because, folks, we are traveling overseas tomorrow, so I don’t think I will be posting for the next two days. Hopefully I will be back soon though. Until then, here are the magnets:



April 25: Piggy mask part 2

April 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

The mask is almost done, colored with crayons to leave the impression that a child made it (no, actually I was too lazy to paint it; but it turned out that coloring is a very relaxing activity). Now it’s dad’s turn to mount it on cardboard and we will be in business for the procession tomorrow night. It’s supposed to be a lovely day, and I am excited. I am also feeling like a semi-professional angry-bird-drawer. Note that it’s a marketable skill…


April 24: Piggies

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The April festivities are not done yet. We have two animal processions to look forward to, one at J’s school on Friday, and the other in Olympia on Saturday. The latter is one of my favorite events of all. At J’s school, kids should dress as an endangered species, so naturally, J. asked for a piggy mask. After all, the piggies are endangered by the angry birds.

Now, seriously, I don’t understand the appeal of angry birds. I would like my child to be thoughtful and sensitive and ask me to make him a sea turtle costume. But he is who he is as he often reminds me, and so tonight we sat at the dinner table, he with his new activity book, drawing monsters, being calm for the first time in days; and I drawing a piggy with birds and piggies on its face, by special request. Of course I am not done. Who has time to finish such a project in one day? But I need to be done tomorrow, so I know what I will be doing at our weekly coffee shop outing tomorrow.


April 6: Doodles

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I spent the day at a conference I helped organize. Though the talks, all given by talented young undergraduates, were excellent, I couldn’t help but feel that on a Saturday I should be doing something else with my time. So I doodled. Once upon a time I took a drawing class and found it hard but fascinating. I loved the idea that you didn’t need to have talent in order to draw. And so today, while making my unremarkable doodles, I started remembering the drawing techniques I once learned, and thought to myself that I would really like to draw again.

So here are the doodles,


significant not for their merit, but for the fact that they have reminded me of a form of creativity I have not considered in years.



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