April 13: Post office

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I wish I were a better photographer so I could do this building justice. The Tacoma main post office is housed in an old building that looks and smells like the old Downtown Belgrade buildings, and reminds me of my childhood. The building now also houses other cool things, including an upscale flea market on every second Saturday of each month. We went today, and I got some photos of the building, and J. playing with his best friend N. on a cold dreary day, which the photos reflect accurately I think.



It looks like an old French film a little, doesn’t it?


P.O. boxes


and a fancy old radiator.


On a different note, the pinata has received the last layer of paper and is now waiting for J. to decorate it as he sees fit.



March 19: Clipboard

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My son informed  me that  I am the only mom who leaves notes in lunchboxes (or origami penguins in my case), which made me even more determined to make him little surprises once in a while. In other words, the penguin from yesterday was a success.

Today I decoupaged my clipboard. Why do I have a clipboard? Because I spend time in high school classrooms and have picked up a lot of useful strategies from teachers. Carrying a clipboard around is one of them. As I am a proponent of better living through art, as I got tired of the old brownness of the clipboard, and as decorated clipboards cost $20+ dollars at my local artsy decor store, it was clear I had to do it.

Here is the boring front:


and the exciting back:


I wanted to decoupage it in clouds and pink shades and frilly stuff like that, but this is the paper I have had for years, and thought it was high time to use it. I also included some fortune cookie fortunes and a picture from La Loteria in the middle. Fun!

October 28: Complaints box

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The older I get, the more fearful I become. There are so many things to fear, so many reasons to worry. This is no way to live, so while I work on figuring out a more forceful approach to the problem, I have turned a cardboard jewelry box into a box to file away fears, worries, and complaints, and leave them there for the Universe to deal with.

It never hurts to be a little tacky, hence the heart stickers. Some lavender sprinkled in there. On the outside, the phosphorescent Virgin from an excellent Loteria (Mexican Bingo) set I bought ages ago in Tucson and just found today while browsing through some drawers, along with some other excellent future art materials. My first note is written on handmade paper and rolled up.

Doing this reminded me of a quote from one of  the favorite books of my early twenties, Teachings of Don Juan: “The first enemy of a man of knowledge is Fear.”

July 23: Coffee cup

July 23, 2012 § 2 Comments

I live in the Northwest; of course I am a little addicted to my lattes. The other day I walked 2.5 miles (in one direction) to get one. I also annoy my family to no end regarding sustainable living, which means that I avoid paper cups at all costs. Since today was hectic — droppped J. off at camp, changed 2 very dirty diapers, answered work emails, put away the laundry, put the baby to sleep, and then realized it was almost time to pick J. up from camp, I had to do a quick project. I  made it a variation of the last two days’ projects: decorating the indispensable non-paper coffee cup that I get my lattes in. I did a bit of decoupage, with good old Mod Podge, using pictures from the Syracuse Cultural Workers catalog (do check them out if you haven’t already). Nothing spectacular, but easy and fun. Here are the results:

(the glue is still drying on the last one)

The whole experience was a little unnerving, as I felt guilty that I am not cleaning the house instead, and also wrote this post as I was out the door to pick J. up (I edited later). I guess that’s part of the process: learning to enjoy my creative time and not feel guilty about it.

Tomorrow, I will do something different. I am also thinking how to include my firstborn in these projects. I am not sure if I should push him, or just wait for his interest in making things to return.

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