June 14: Mozzarela and June 15: planning to be creative

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But first, here are the cards we made for J’s teachers. We will miss them greatly. Next year,¬† he will be in a different class (he is in a Montessori school, where kids stay with teachers for at least two years), and I don’t know if anyone will be so patient with him as his teacher and her aide were. They touched him and me both deeply.


Yesterday was my second attempt at making mozzarella, and though it doesn’t quite look or taste like it’s supposed to, it’s not bad. It’s complicated to make, though. You have to knead the curds in hot whey until they are stretchy. Let’s just say that I never reached that stage.


here are curds before kneading


and after.

The cheese tastes great in a salad from our homegrown greens. We almost have this urban farming thing down…

Today I was recovering from a migraine which meant no looking at screens. Instead, I packed for our upcoming trip to the Motherland, which will take place in two weeks. It was especially important to pack art supplies. That was my creative act for today. It had to be small, light, and fun for both J. and me. So we got


lots of goodies: glue, scissors, a journal, sewing, knitting, felt, sticky notes, sharpies… We are prepared!




May 20: a quick card

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Today was the first day of finals week, so the projects have to be quick. It’s my dad’s birthday tomorrow, so I glued an origami butterfly and leaf on a blank postcard, and wrote him a note. If that’s all I can handle right now, then that’s good enough.


April 29: Saying Thank you

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The little boy and I worked on some Thank you notes for his friends today. We didn’t finish, due to the fact that he was getting too involved in making each one, and got tired before the end. We have a kit for making Thank you cards (strongly recommended), which includes cards, envelopes, and stickers of animals and things you’d want to say, like Thank you, You are the best, etc. He made flying racoons and flying carrots, a screaming bear afraid of a carrot, and other things that made us laugh out loud. I mostly stuffed envelopes when he was finished, but I was feeling creative nonetheless. So much so that I didn’t take almost any pictures of the cards: I forgot!


February 24: Stuff

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J. and I made cards for my mom’s birthday. As usual, I tried hard, but he did a much better job. While we were at it, we started a bean-sprouting science experiment (he is finally the right age for it, and I never got to do any science experiments when I was growing up). I also made origami shurikens per J’s request and inspired by a ninja-themed birthday party we were at, but they have been lost in the living room battle, so no pictures of them will be posted. I will note that they were fun to make.


Yes, that is a Bad Piggies birthday card.


January 25: card for my honey

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It’s D’s birthday tomorrow. My modest offering to him is a little card I made, including an origami star with a secret message inside.


I am a sucker for star and heart stickers, so I went a little overboard with stars tonight. They take me back to my preteen years, which for me is always a good thing. I am also a sucker for secret compartments and hidden messages, which is why the star was so fun to make.

Since we were already making origami, J. and I made a fortune teller too. D’s fortune was to stay at home, which he did.




January 22: postcards

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Better late than never, no? I need to write some postcards from our trip¬† tonight. I believe in the lost art of writing postcards and letters. No photos though, as I am just about to start: I will take the postcards to my warm bed, with a cup of tea, and write the night away… or fall asleep before I begin. Which will it be?

November 21: Another birthday card

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A simple one for my sister, who arrives tomorrow. Thanks, Oprah, for the abundance of inspirational quotes in the O magazine! And of course, how can you go wrong with Ganesh, the remover of obstacles?


November 15: Sending school photos

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The nice thing about this project of mine is that it makes mundane tasks like sending school photos to the grandparents a little more special. I used some paper I made last year, punched out hearts, and stickers to make these silly little, fun little cards:

J.’s photo is taped to the back, and he wrote his name in gold. I used metallic markers to address the cards, and they will be off tomorrow. And I get to feel accomplished because the picture is sure to make my parents happy. The cards were for my own personal satisfaction.

November 13: A very late birthday card

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A very dear old friend is having a birthday in three days, but I just made her card. It’s another one in the origami series.

The sea looks a little stormy and the fish doesn’t quite look like a fish, but there is Snoopy to make it all look cheery.

October 18: Another card

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This one is for my brother in law (so don’t read this post until you get the card!). I know that store-bought cards are of better quality, and don’t have crooked pictures or white glue all over them, but I get tremendous joy from making birthday cards, and I can’t help but think that they can express more than those from the store (maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store?). This one is going for the simple and peaceful effect. Something I have been wishing for myself — simplicity and peace — and therefore to all my loved ones.

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