July 15-?

July 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

My, my. The year is almost up and I have blog senioritis. I haven’t been doing much, other than watching my kids make temporary installations and play my dad’s keyboard (which was great and I have no photo record of the event). I have been feeling words gather in my head, as they do when I am about to start writing again, but nothing yet. Probably because the kids, or at least one at a time, are awake between 6am and 11pm. I have decided to keep posting once in a while even after next week. In the meantime, here are some small creative excursions from the last few days:


Here, he was being patient at the beach, while I was drinking coffee with my friends. He built a fort with the help of rocks and toothpicks. At first we were concerned about the fact that he was snatching a toothpick every two minutes, so it was a pleasant surprise that he used them to make things. Like a monster creature. And a fort.


Then here, at a coffee shop again (I know, I know), making me a gift from post-its with a hole puncher and a gold marker. He also created some amateur body art with a yellow highlighter. Moments of peace are rare in our family, and therefore always cherished.

And finally, my mom pulled out my “pioneer” uniform from my elementary school days (most readers of this blog will have no idea what I am talking about, so here is the Wikipedia article about Tito’s pioneers) and J. had the privilege of trying it on. More on the nostalgia theme.



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