July 3: Ill-prepared

July 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

So we arrived to our destination after a long but enjoyable trip. I thought we were well-prepared for crafting, but I was wrong. I brought a paper-cutting book but no paper, and it looks like our main crafting options are sewing and knitting. Until J. decides he wants to craft with me instead of watching endless television which is allowed here, I may practice some photography though. It may be interesting to photograph objects and places that were relevant to me as I was growing up. I also intend to write for at least five minutes a day (more would be unrealistic considering I am here alone with two kids and there is work I need to do). And did I mention my dad has an art studio in his yard? So maybe I am being dramatic about not being able to make art. While we are getting over the jet lag, I stood on the balcony last night and took a few photos of the view (not including the guy in his underpants strutting in front of the window in the building across from my mom’s — ah the joys of city living!)


Wait till I am really over the jet lag. Maybe I will be able to take better pictures.


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