June 19-22: Not much, actually

June 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

I lost track of days. I am not sure I know what was done when. I do know that I’ve been thinking about the fact that I started this year-long project with the intent of spending quality time with myself, doing some soul-searching and sacred art; but I ended up spending quality time with the kids, and running away from the issues I really need to deal with. Like my recent phobias. Anxiety. Loss of faith. But hey, it’s still been a great ride, and it’s almost over. I find myself wanting to do all kinds of project (like making gifts for people I will be seeing next week when we travel to the motherland), but feel too tired from the many demands I place on myself, so fall back instead of the safe and tried things we have done before.

So on Wednesday (I think), J. and I did a science experiment. We made little cardboard people dance with a balloon that was electrified with  a wool sweater. It didn’t quite work like the book promised it would, but there were a few moments of sheer magic there (not caught on film, as is often the case with magical moments) when one little person made a few cartwheels and bounced around:


On Thursday we created with melting beads, which is nothing to write home about, and yesterday we bought a fabulous castle set at a garage sale for $5. We all spent some time building it. I love the detail, and the fact that you can build it ANY WAY YOU WANT! (take that Lego!). We also read some solstice stories and D. and I lamented the fact that we used to have Solstice celebrations and rituals, but now we just spend time with the kids until we are worn out. Anyway, happy summer! It is a complex time: summer  begins yet the days are already heading back into darkness. I dread another winter already.  But I digress. Here is the castle (after being destroyed by O. who also thinks it’s great):


And today I photographed the newly painted pagoda in Pt. Defiance park.


I actually snapped photos all day, but this is the one I really liked. Along with the one of J. chewing on a candy necklace:


Now onto all those other projects I have lined up? Actually, no. Off to bed with a favorite book.


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