June 13: a poem

June 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

Yesterday we made cards for teachers, and I will post the pictures of those tomorrow. It’s the end of the school year for the boy, and thank you notes are in order.

Today I am staying up late, being creative in planning my calculus course, but I know that no one wants to read about that.

So instead, here is a recent edit of an old poem, about the world as I would like it to be (with just a little bit of math thrown in).

Next Year

The circle is divided into 360 degrees.
We say: this is one year.
One year=Full circle
There is a knot on the boundary
at 90 degrees
at 180 there is a pasture
where clouds pose for sheep.
At 270 a nunnery to reconsider
what one is about to define as sin
the knot makes you trip
when you rush through the days

To be found within this circle:
* Fashion shows of naked bodies
naturally tanned
filled with joyous family meals
superstars in movies of close friends.
* Sketches of Spain.
* Intrepid circus acts with skeletons posing as monsters and little girls riding make-believe horses. Trapeze artists inevitably fall in love and breed children that can fly.
* Monkeys performing clever dances wearing huge sombreros and singing midnight serenades.
Not safe nevertheless pretty.

Outside of the circle there is nothing. Everything happens now and nobody dreams of crossing the boundary into
what is to transpire
what broke hearts.
All plans have the lifespan of 360 days.
When unfulfilled they wither –
– sad sight for those who form attachments.
Others cheer.
In the future there will be no disasters
one thinks.

To appease astronomers, the mystery of five missing days must be settled. These are the five days of pagan rites. The naked bodies celebrate being born. The celebration takes place on a different plane where the circle can’t even be detected. The number of dimensions one deals with is inconsequential: those without height are not missing out on sunsets or parabolic movements of UFOs come to collect the human crops. All is one and nothing is left behind to rot.

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