May 26 and 27: Cheeses and messages

May 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

The long weekend and too much milk in the refrigerator prompted me to make some cheese. I made paneer yesterday (no pictures, sorry, but I posted about it once before), and am making cream cheese today. It will be done tomorrow night.  The book I use is called Homemade Living: Home Dairy with Ashley English: All You Need to Know to Make Cheese, Yogurt, Butter & More. I just make the easy cheeses that require only milk, liquid rennet, calcium chloride, lemon juice,  and mesophilic cultures. I get my cheesemaking supplies online, most of them from Lehman’s (except from calcium chloride, which they don’t sell). I make cheeses that require very little work and are ready to eat right away. We ran out of tofu yesterday and ate our stir fry with paneer instead, and were quite pleased.

The little artist was busy with different projects, but my favorite was writing a message he wants to put in a bottle and throw into the Puget Sound (no photos, sorry, it’s kind of private). He wrote “We are not the only living things on Earth,” and he swears he came up with it by himself. Sometime, that kid is such a mystery. The message launch will happen when it stops raining here (or when we get flooded, so we can just drop it into the water from our window).




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