May 2 and 3: dogs and cinnamon rolls

May 4, 2013 § 1 Comment

I missed a day of blogging. That’s just because my life is not my own. But I have in fact done a creative thing yesterday and today. I decided that hand sewing is neat and relaxing and so started a possible birthday project for O. It’s just in the beginning stages, so instead featured here are the (handmade in Serbia) marionette (that I bought J. four years ago in Belgrade and that has been sitting all tangled up since then) I spent about 30 minutes yesterday untangling, to J’s great joy”


(Yes, he is wearing the bow we made on Wednesday. He actually wore it to school, which I thought was really neat, as he is not afraid to bend the gender roles and is not afraid to be laughed at.)

and the cinnamon rolls I made tonight at midnight after writing a final exam and screaming about the second mouse in the house in the past week. And did I mention that O. now wakes up at 5?


(Note: we make the dough in the bread maker, and it always turns out splendidly; another note: if the recipe says cut into nine cinnamon rolls, do not cut up into 10!)


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  • roylcoblog says:

    Very cute! I love the marionette–teaches children multiple skills in one (dramatic play, enhances fine motor function, etc). Looks like J had fun!

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