April 24: Piggies

April 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

The April festivities are not done yet. We have two animal processions to look forward to, one at J’s school on Friday, and the other in Olympia on Saturday. The latter is one of my favorite events of all. At J’s school, kids should dress as an endangered species, so naturally, J. asked for a piggy mask. After all, the piggies are endangered by the angry birds.

Now, seriously, I don’t understand the appeal of angry birds. I would like my child to be thoughtful and sensitive and ask me to make him a sea turtle costume. But he is who he is as he often reminds me, and so tonight we sat at the dinner table, he with his new activity book, drawing monsters, being calm for the first time in days; and I drawing a piggy with birds and piggies on its face, by special request. Of course I am not done. Who has time to finish such a project in one day? But I need to be done tomorrow, so I know what I will be doing at our weekly coffee shop outing tomorrow.



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