March 31: Scones?

April 1, 2013 § Leave a comment

If there is no picture, then did it happen at all? Our Easter eggs are all gone, oiled early this morning, and all cracked before noon. I took no pictures.

I did, however, also make some really nice scones (flour, baking powder, baking soda, not much sugar, little bit of salt, butter, yogurt, oats, and raisins). They too are mostly gone, but I took pictures. They were part of a meal shared with friends who were going back to the East Coast, and thus surely creative enough for this blog.




You still may have no good reason to read this post, which serves more for me to affirm that, yes, I did something creative today, something that used my hands and not just my brain or typing fingers.

Tomorrow I go back to work. The spring break was in noway glamorous and part of me is looking forward to being away from whining and chaos. I am sure I will change my mind once I actually get there.  I am tired regardless of whether I go to work or not, and I never get around to doing things I cherish or/and need  (journal in the morning, do yoga, meditate…), and sometimes this blog seems like yet another thing to do, especially when I start worrying about life and the world. But I had so much whining by a certain child today, that I should really refrain from complaining.


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