March 29: Beaded eggs

March 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

As it turns out, decorating with seed beads is not nearly as easy as it seems, and, as usual, our finished product looks nothing like that of the professional crafters. But that’s only fair I guess. I am sure I write better mathematical proofs than people who haven’t studied math their entire lives. So I will embrace our project, imperfect though it is.

We bought papier mache eggs yesterday, with the intent of getting glue on them (mod podge) and rolling them in seed beads. At least that’s what the lady at the bead store told us. Because J. was a bit impatient, we used a whole lot of beads which were bigger than seed beads, which was a bad idea, as rolling got difficult so instead we spooned the beads onto the eggs. J. was a good sport until it got too much for him and he just declared he was done. I finished both, with okay results. I would suggest using seed beads only, and spooning or sprinkling a few at a time. Unfortunately I can’t test my theory, as we only had two eggs, but as I mentioned yesterday, the possibilities are endless. One can decorate pretty much anything with beads. Phone? TV? Front door? Car?


The set-up


too-big beads


Finished product


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