March 19: Clipboard

March 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

My son informed  me that  I am the only mom who leaves notes in lunchboxes (or origami penguins in my case), which made me even more determined to make him little surprises once in a while. In other words, the penguin from yesterday was a success.

Today I decoupaged my clipboard. Why do I have a clipboard? Because I spend time in high school classrooms and have picked up a lot of useful strategies from teachers. Carrying a clipboard around is one of them. As I am a proponent of better living through art, as I got tired of the old brownness of the clipboard, and as decorated clipboards cost $20+ dollars at my local artsy decor store, it was clear I had to do it.

Here is the boring front:


and the exciting back:


I wanted to decoupage it in clouds and pink shades and frilly stuff like that, but this is the paper I have had for years, and thought it was high time to use it. I also included some fortune cookie fortunes and a picture from La Loteria in the middle. Fun!


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