February 28: Enjoyment

March 1, 2013 § Leave a comment

In the cycle of seasons, winter is the time to leave behind all that no longer serves us. This winter has been difficult for me, as I have grappled with questions of meaning and purpose. I have been wondering about humankind (Tom Waits has supposedly said “The thing about humankind — humans aren’t kind,” and sometimes this seems entirely true). I have especially been worried about violence. But the funny thing happened in all this worry and anxiety, because the Universe has a funny way of getting you to pay attention: I have left behind a number of things that no longer serve me. Like worrying about J., about his temper, his moods, his behavior. I am so happy to see him every day after school, that none of this matters anymore. I like him just the way he is, in all his imperfections. Spending time with my slightly chaotic, sometimes loud and rude, stubborn family, has been satisfying. And our new ritual, spending Thursday afternoons after school at my favorite bakery/coffee shop, has been pure joy. I tried to capture some of what it’s like there with my camera. So that’s what I want to honor today: the joy of little things, of spending time in public spaces, of supporting local businesses (J’s new hat comes from the Downtown Tacoma’s new fair trade store), of buying gifts for no particular holiday on a Thursday afternoon, of being with friends (a friend kept me company while shopping for gifts), of coffee, of silly boys, and beautiful, strong-willed little girls.


(the best coffee in town)

(the new hat)

(cards for my mom)


(usually happy)


(I don’t even mind his obsession with Angry Birds anymore)


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