February 10: no time………

February 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

I have been running to stand still all weekend. The 100 papers are all graded, but the house is not clean, lunch for tomorrow is not packed, and no art was made. Which is too bad, since I have made it to 200th post. I will do better tomorrow. As a consolation, here is something I wrote almost 10 years ago.The 5-10 minutes it took to find something decent enough to post should count as being creative, right?

Raise high the roof beam

Two brownstones were facing each other across a narrow English street. Their façades were remarkably similar in appearance; even their front doors were produced by the same maker. They eyed each other approvingly. All was in order: brick color, window-pane design, the fine slant of the roofs. But it just so happened that both houses were but movie sets, and behind their frontal structures, instead of a logical continuation of a shape of a house, each expanded into a surprising dimension, resembling the head of the Elephant man. And when each shifted to examine the other, for, as it turned out, both were products of Terry Gilliam’s imagination, and were able to move freely and devour streets and stray cats along the way, they discovered that they differed greatly, irreparably. It is not that one was tidy and the other grimy, or that one was opulent and the other decrepit – nothing so extreme. Rather, they contained dissimilar kinds of clutter. This caused great sorrow in at least one of them, for they were to forever remain in the clutches of perfectly polite discourse, complimenting each other’s impeccable façade, praising the carpenters and perhaps the little children they believed to be playing inside, but nothing more.

And so am I with other mathematicians.

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