January 31: Cutting hair

February 1, 2013 § Leave a comment


I once forgot to put an attachment on my hair clippers, and shaved off all the hair from one part of my head. A few weeks before a conference.

Yet I decided to cut J’s hair tonight. It’s gotten so long that it gets into his eyes, and we never seem to make it to the hairdresser’s (usually we get our haircuts together). I used to cut it when he was little, but I didn’t realize that his head has gotten bigger and his hair thicker.

But I did it. And we had fun! There was hair on the floor, and in the jello he was eating (did you know you can get vegan jello?) and all over the place. On closer observation, the haircut looks as terrible as you’d think, but if you are not too particular, it actually looks okay. And that’s good enough for me.

the scene of the crime

the scene of the crime

this is when i realize i need to clip a little more

this is when i realized i needed to clip a little more

final product

final product


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