February 27: Coaster

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My eyes are closing so I can’t stay long.

I will just say that tonight J. and I spent some nice quiet time in his room, where he was building towers for pigs to be knocked over by angry birds, and I made him a coaster out of fuse beads with his name. Then he made some things, and promised to make me a bead gift tomorrow. I find fuse beads meditative, though I shudder to think what toxins they are made with. I like the accuracy with which you have to place the beads. If you rush, you are in trouble.

Here is our work:


Yes, that is a little angry bird to the right.  Sigh. The kid has an obsessive personality.


February 26: Magnetic poetry

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Remember magnetic poetry? As I sit here, night after night, grading papers and preparing classes while the rest of my family sleeps (they are all out by 9), I am finding it hard to pull away from work to create something — anything —

But tonight I found my magnetic poetry. It’s been waiting for someone to pick it up again. I guess magnetic poetry is not fashionable any more.

This is the same set I got from my sister over ten years ago. It is still fun.

Piled on top of a homework assignment. I left it out for the sleepers to play with when they wake up in the morning. For my kindergartener who has learned how to read this winter.


Now back to grading.

February 25: Late at night

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Thumbelina underground


(Thumbelina and the swallow)
touch death
frozen beak, crystal eyes,
pull out feathers for potions and protections,
tunnels, cataracts,
to be  spring, not queen of the underworld,
but if the swallow does not revive, then
a toad’s wife
everything breaks

A buried child grows a little creature in his heart. Its teeth are soft and green like sea grass. It can only chew mud and fog. Fog is always warm, especially in the centers of trees, especially in the heart of the forest. His heart will break many times. I give thanks.


White starched curtains cover the body on the outside. There is lace on the bottom. The insides are lined with torn red bloody cloth, exposed to the wind. The body’s front door has been open. This is no spring cleaning. The hidden inner crevice contains a bird, a cauldron, a tree. All have been broken many times, looking weathered and dignified, an antique store back room treasure.


Oh, to live life with a two-beat delay:
no moment is meaningful until tomorrow,
let it happen tomorrow, today uncover only the magic of yesterdays.
We are never on time, even for spring.

It is not simple being a child. He digs a tunnel in the ground with the help of his heart creature’s teeth. They emerge in new lands.

February 24: Stuff

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J. and I made cards for my mom’s birthday. As usual, I tried hard, but he did a much better job. While we were at it, we started a bean-sprouting science experiment (he is finally the right age for it, and I never got to do any science experiments when I was growing up). I also made origami shurikens per J’s request and inspired by a ninja-themed birthday party we were at, but they have been lost in the living room battle, so no pictures of them will be posted. I will note that they were fun to make.


Yes, that is a Bad Piggies birthday card.


February 23: Signs of spring

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It was nice enough today to actually spend time in the yard. Fun was had by all. I tried to capture the sure signs of spring with my camera. The details and little things. Life emerging.








February 22: Five-minute bookmark

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This one may not seem like much, but it was one of those restoring-to-sanity-five-minute-project-things. On such occasions, I cut out my old We’Moon calendars. This one had an angel of mercy picture and a reminder to learn to love (the Earth) as a mother loves her child.

The picture is dark and unimpressive because it was taken by lamplight — O. is sleeping in this room, and J. is having a sleepover in the living room, and I am still, you guessed it, very tired from the three shifts I seem to be working daily.


February 21: Yogurt cheese!

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My little helper fell asleep on the couch before we got to do any one of the many projects we were planning for tonight. That’s probably a good thing, since there is school tomorrow. As for me, I had some fun in the kitchen today, including making a creamy potato leek soup.


Making soups always makes me feel like an Earth Mother, especially as O. was playing on the floor with wooden musical instruments as I was chopping the leeks and potatoes. However, the truly satisfying one was making yogurt cheese. I recently bought a yogurt cheese maker from Lehman’s, and, as I love all kitchen gadgets, absolutely loved this one. So I made yogurt this morning (I haven’t bought yogurt in about 6 years), which I put in the cheese maker this evening, and I will have a delicious breakfast in the morning.


And now off to bed!

February 20: creating new plants

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Today’s five minute activity was really a science experiment. We are trying to see if we can start a new geranium plant from a cutting. Supposedly, we can. I love rose geraniums because my grandma had them when I was a kid, and my favorite thing to do was rub my hands with a rose geranium leaf before leaving her house to go home. My little helper (a yellow belt in karate as of today, thank you very much) cut off some leaves, and I got a planter and potting soil. He put the leaves into the soil (ah, the smell and feel of soft soil — spring is coming and this brings me joy), we covered the whole thing with a plastic bag (don’t ask me why, the instructions said so, and I am a mathematician and not a scientist), and put it in the window between the “adult” plants. Will these leaves really grow roots? Oh, the miracles of nature!


February 19: Roadside attraction

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Actually, we are back at home, and I was really behind with work, so didn’t create anything new. Instead, I edited yesterday’s photos from Marsh’s Free Museum in Long Beach, home of the world famous Jake the Alligator Man. I will spare you the picture of Jake and instead share the strange and exciting interior of the store, full of old music boxes and coin operated games.



February 18: Dominoes & coffee roasters

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As is probably obvious from my posts, I spend a lot of time in coffee shops. In fact, coffee shops are probably where I am happiest. Give me a latte and a book, and I am elated. Today, after walking an hour on the beach in rain and wind, we made it to the Long Beach Coffee Roaster, where I proclaimed Thank goodness for independent coffee shops, where you never know what kind of decor you will find. Here, two shelves full of books for the book exchange, some baby toys, art on the walls, mismatched cups and furniture (of course), and dominoes. Well, that little kid I am so fond of writing about had an excellent time building castles and towers made of dominoes, and dad was glad to help. I sat on the couch with O. rereading a book. I also took some pictures that made me feel good because clearly I have made progress with this camera since I started blogging.


And so we are home. Back to reality. I love weekend trips.

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