January 18: Onion

January 19, 2013 § 3 Comments

The glamorous days of our trip are over. We arrived to San Francisco after a long drive, and I have a conference to attend tomorrow. No memorable sites to visit today. So instead, J, D. and I finished the book that J. got for Christmas from Laura who has been mentioned in this blog before (thanks for the inspiration, Laura!), called The onion’s great escape. Reading this book is no passive experience. The reader answers difficult questions (Can you be both happy and sad? Is it better to give or receive happiness? What is your earliest memory? What are some real things you cannot touch? Where do the things you have forgotten go?) and even introduces kids to logical paradoxes. It certainly got J. thinking. But there is more! Because as you read you also punch out layer upon layer of the onion, until she is free from the great fry! Or, as J. said, “I now have an onion friend!”

So we wrote down answers to the questions, had some good conversations, and punched out the onion. This is what the book looks like after the onion escaped.


… And the journeys almost over…


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