January 15: magnetic poetry

January 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

Santa Barbara is certainly a lovely place to visit in January, when it’s cold and dreary back home. I took some nice photos of the town, but I choose my five minutes of creativity to be a little project J. and I did at the Art Museum. They had an exhibit of Chinese art from the 17th century called “The artful recluse.” The idea of leaving the busy world and becoming a recluse is sometimes very appealing, which is one of the reasons I enjoyed the exhibit. I also enjoyed the accompanying activities for kids, something I appreciate about art museums of today. In the kids’ room we had some peace and quiet, J. made some art,


and then he and I made our magnetic art and poetry:


J’s poem

J's art

J’s art

My art and poetry

My art and poetry


The pictures are not great because, to underscore the impermanence of all things, a little girl was already destroying our art to create hers as I was still taking pictures.

But magnetic poetry, now there is an activity for precocious 5-year-olds. And one always wonders: Is the world a hope?


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