January 13: The mystery of life

January 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

We went to Forest Lawn Cemetery in L.A. today. It is the burial place of many famous people, including Jimmy Stewart, Walt Disney, Clark Gable, and, yes, Michael Jackson. We didn’t do our homework properly and missed all the celebrities,  the cemetery was still an interesting place to visit, with the views, the peace, the greenery, and the statues. There was one statue in particular that we found intriguing, called The mystery of life. I wouldn’t call it great art, but we all found it interesting and worth talking about (well, except for the baby of course).

Here it is:


There are all kinds of folks here, pondering the mystery of life: the philosopher, the monk, the family, the old woman, the maiden, and the atheist, who is referred to as the fool in the description of the statue, but I don’t know. He looks pretty happy to me. There is no answer to the mystery of life of course, but there is a poem next to it that offers one possible answer:


Or, in J’s words, Love and Joy are the answers to the mystery of life. That sounds pretty good to me!



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