January 7: Typewriter

January 8, 2013 § 2 Comments

Ah, children! Once in a while they do something so fantastic that you know for sure that it’s all been worthwhile (only kidding — I always think it’s worthwhile, though sometime I don’t think I am doing such a fabulous job). Case in point: J. discovered that we have a typewriter upstairs, and insisted on bringing it down so he could type on it. Now, this is not just any typewriter. It’s the typewriter I had in high school and college, and which I used to write a lot of the stories and poems I published in my youth. We actually brought it back from Belgrade a few years ago, just so I could have it around. I thought that maybe I’d write more if I had my old typewriter, but it only ended up on top of a shelf now populated by Lego sets that can’t fit in J’s room. But that’s where the hero of this story comes in. On his request, we brought the typewriter down, put a new ribbon in it, and together we wrote J’s first typewritten book:





front page

It was a “find” book, meaning that you had to find things in it: one clock, two hats, three snakes, and four clouds:


one clock, two hats


three snakes

three snakes

four clouds

four clouds

The proud mom then typed her own stuff for a while, but it may take a while before I can find something meaningful to write. I am not disciplined about writing, and instead have always relied on that elusive inspiration. But I may try to type a little every night, just to get into that frame of mind of the teenage me who  adored Jack Kerouac and thought that his writing method was the best thing ever.

On a different note, J. brought this art piece from school today:


To me, this is public education at its best.  I love it!


§ 2 Responses to January 7: Typewriter

  • mari anjeli says:

    So adorable! You have to keep that and show it to him when he grows up. Apparently, I made books for my cousin when I was 6-8 years old. She kept them after all those years – her mom showed them to me when I paid them a visit one time. I couldn’t help marveling at the creativity I had back then!

    • ksimicmuller says:

      Wonderful! I wish I had some of the art I made as a child. I keep most of my son’s art, and use some of it to make large posters for his birthday. Eventually we will run out of room, though.

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