January 2: Taking a walk

January 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

I am wary of talking about work on the blog. It’s not that my work is not creative, because it actually really is. But i t seems to be a slippery slope. I worry that once I call a work project my creative act for the day, I will do it every day, until my cool little hands-on projects completely disappear. Today, though, something neat happened regarding work, for which I am willing make an exception.

I hate writing papers. It’s painful for so many reasons, and I don’t seem to be getting any better at it. But I am going back to work full time next month, and I am trying to write one more paper before I return. This morning, in the short amount of time that O. was napping, I attempted to make some progress on the paper, but no progress was made. I typed, deleted, typed, and deleted some more. What I wrote was boring, dry, and pointless. So when O. woke up, we took a walk to the library. It was a rare sunny day and it seemed plausible that spring will once again return to these parts. And, as usually happens when I walk, ideas started coming. By the time our walks for the day were over, I had entire paragraphs written in my mind, and I knew how to reorganize the paper to make it less dull, less academic, perhaps even a little exciting.

I am going to try to finish it tonight. It may not be as great as it seemed on the walk, but I enjoyed the flow of ideas into my mind. I love how walking inspires me and makes me more creative. I will try to remember that next time I am stuck sitting in my chair staring at the computer screen. Next time I go walking, maybe I will tackle a topic more fun and playful.


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