December 22: frozen food

December 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have worn myself out by worrying and have decided to leave glorious art projects for a different night. (What do I worry about? The list is endless.) Tonight, while J. was watching Star Wars for the 20th time, and O. taking a short nap (she has four front teeth coming in, so sleep has been lacking for us both), I quickly made chicken nuggets and fish sticks. If this child refuses to eat real food, at least I can try to make what he does eat healthy: I use organic meat, vegan mayonnaise, and homemade bread crumbs. Because I was in a hurry, I used the same recipe for the fish sticks as for the chicken nuggets — roll in a mixture of mayo & lemon juice, then in bread crumbs. I have to say this is a bad idea. Next time I will heed the recipe and roll the fish in flour first, as the sticks came out sticky, with much of the bread crumbs falling off. Now I know.


It is interesting how nothing ever looks appetizing in a plastic bag.


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