December 15: gnomes

December 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

While the world seems to go on, I am having a hard time doing the same. I just can’t explain the world to myself. In addition to feeling deep sorrow and uncertainty about the meaningfulness of things (like blogging), I also watched both kids all day (one didn’t nap and the other wanted constant company), and then actually went out to a Christmas Revels show (don’t know about the Revels? Oh, but do find out! It’s the best Solstice entertainment to be had, and very good for the soul), which means that creative endeavors just weren’t top priority today. However, I bought my little sewer a sewing kit and he made two gnomes, so they can keep each other company. I helped him with cutting the felt, threading the needle and stuffing them with cotton, but mostly he did it himself.


Do ask me how to make the gnomes if you are interested. It’s amazing how accomplished my little ruffian feels when he holds a needle in his hands. And they are so beautiful! I believe they are the prettiest thing I have seen all day. As for the little red snowman, it’s a zipper pull I made in two minutes of spare time. They are fun and easy to make. Just string the beads of your choice on a ball head pin, and add a clasp at the end.

I will slowly work on gratitude again; today I am grateful for these gnomes.


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