November 11: Pumpkin muffins

November 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

Oh, the day did not start off well at all.  It was a combination of rain, household chores, a baby who wouldn’t nap, a child with a bad temper, lack of sleep, work I keep putting off, and November, I suppose. So when the boys decided to go see a kids’ musical, at first I dreaded spending the afternoon with O. What would we do when it was too rainy to walk, and she still doesn’t really play? I almost decided to stay on the couch and eat chocolate bonbons until they returned, but then remembered that I had been planning on making pumpkin muffins. So I put O. in the baby carrier, found a hokey Pandora radio station (The Carpenters!) and got to work. The recipe came from the Feeding the Whole Family cookbook, which originates from Seattle, and consists entirely of whole food recipes. This one calls for maple syrup instead of sugar, and is quite wholesome. I even baked a pumpkin and pureed it in the blender. By accident I used a 1/3 cup instead of 1/2 cup to measure flour, and therefore ended up with muffins heavy on pumpkin and light on flour. Personally,I thought they were great. I doubt if the family agrees. But what was really great about the muffin-making was that, by the time we were done, O. took a peaceful  nap in the carrier, I washed all the dishes while singing to the 70s tunes, and was in a positively great mood. Making dinner doesn’t do that for me. But these extracurricular cooking-baking projects are always so grounding and good for my soul.


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