November 6: There are more important things going on

November 7, 2012 § 1 Comment

Seriously, folks, there is an election going on. Is anyone even reading this?

Just in case you are. An old friend has some of my old poems that I thought I’d lost. This one I am completely biased about. It is dear to me regardless of how good/bad/whatever it is.


Those goddamn stone-eating cowboys:
they glitter with relief that they are all the same.
It is an odd glitter,
for you expect things that sparkle to give you warmth and light,
you expect shining objects to be good things,
but things that eat stone cannot light your way.
They make you write a fairy-tale, promise you prize money,
loads of household appliances and if you are lucky a
three-legged pony that makes you cry.
But when you are done, they poke you with their sticks
(they don’t know how to use pistols)
and then laugh and laugh, until they fall
(don’t know what a fairy-tale really is).
They look like someone made them from matches in haste
with huge hats falling down to their chests
(enabling sleeping in strong sun).
What you don’t see is that they have spurs too that help them ride through air,
but what’s the use? You tell them about the clicking sound of two people fitting perfectly together in space-time, at least one of them deaf
but they still ride off into the sunset making you feel quite bad about yourself.


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