October 25: more about costumes

October 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

My littlest Waldo Watcher was not cooperating, so I barely managed to take a picture of her striped outfit with a pompom:

As for our biggest Waldo fan, who is the reason we are all dressing in red and white, he is going as Woof (Waldo’s dog if you didn’t know), so today I attached some ears to his hat (he ended up some glue on his hair, which resulted in an unplanned hair trim), and D. made him a striped tail, and he is almost ready to go:

Waldo and Wenda still need hats. I expect those will be done by the end of the week.

I never thought I’d be making Halloween costumes, but I really enjoy it. Last year we made an R2D2 costume for J, and he was the only kid we saw all night in a homemade costume. Apparently, store-bought costumes and face paints are toxic, so Green America has come out with an alternative Green Halloween. Check it out.




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