October 21: Portable shrine

October 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

Because I had to dismantle the altar where I kept my goddesses, seasonal decorations, and other inspirations to make room for the baby changing table, and because I was advised to do so by my new creativity book mentioned in yesterday’s post, I made a miniature version of an altar, i.e. a portable shrine. It looks a little like the shrines one sees around Tucson, and a little like an I Spy scene. The best part is, it can be dismantled or rearranged at any time.


It contains lots of things, even a Lego version of the golden snitch that J. made, a “Vote Socialist Workers” button from the 70s, some acorns I found today (relevant due to a recent dream), sage, and even a sunflower eraser from the Van Gogh museum. What it does not contain are nice looking push pins. This is the first time in ages that I didn’t have exactly the right supply for a project. Now, D. is the real shrine master in this house. If he lets me, I may photograph his shrines for the blog in the near future.



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