October 11: Another mandala

October 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

By the way, the kale chips were excellent.

What I really wanted to use as my creative activity for today was the first draft of a paper I have been attempting to write since May. (I work while O. naps.) But we don’t talk about work here — work is work, and blogging is blogging.

So in addition to that, J. and I made mandalas. We liked coloring them so much a few weeks ago, that we pulled out the mandala kit that J. got from his aunt, and made our own. As usual, his is effortlessly better than mine, though perhaps it doesn’t really qualify as a mandala. Maybe a pop art mandala. The repetition of making the design is calming; coloring not so much. But I can see the potential of using this kit as a substitute for meditation.

It should also be noted that, while I started this blog for my own benefit, I think that it’s doing J. a lot of good. He is a different kid when he is making stuff. I guess art makes everyone at least a little better.



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