September 30: Lessons in baking

October 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

I was queen of the kitchen tonight, making homemade mac & cheese, polenta (without stirring it constantly for 30 minutes), cooking grains and what not. There are piles of dishes drying in the kitchen right now. My main goal of the evening, however, was to bake Mabon bread. This is a recipe I have been making for years. It comes from the book Circle Round: A Guide to Raising Children in the Goddess Traditions. Mabon is a Pagan name for fall equinox (after Queen Maeve, I believe). It is a beautiful, earthy bread, made usually with corn flour and pumpkins. I ran out of a few ingredients though and had to change the recipe, and as I was making it, I kept wondering: How many ingredients can you change in a recipe before it is no good?

Since the coop was out of pumpkins, and I don’t do cans (BPA), I bought sweet potatoes instead. The recipe said pureed pumpkin, but I had stewed sweet potatoes. I needed four eggs, but used three, needed condensed yogurt, but just used the regular kind. It said frozen orange juice, so I used regular lemonade instead. It said sift the flour and mix the dry and wet ingredients separately, but I mixed them all together. I used one baking pan instead of two, and then walked away from the oven a little too long.

The question is: Was it still good?

The answer is Yes. Okay, so it’s not as perfectly divine as usual (really divine — if you want the recipe, buy the book or ask me for it), but earthy and lovely nonetheless. Perfect for autumn.

Thank you baking gods and goddesses for being so kind.


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