September 29: Moon festival

September 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Tacoma had its first annual Moon Festival today, and it was a lovely event. They had some neat crafts, including making a mandala. My child of course picked the biggest and most complex one, and then insisted on finishing it because he was promised a layer of glitter on the completed mandala. I helped, also because I really enjoy coloring pictures. Besides, mandalas are a sacred art, and it never hurts to try to get more sacredness into one day, which seemed to manifest itself in the fact that the woman coordinating the coloring and glittering was amazing, and had some information I have been seeking lately.

I confess, I took one home (the one on the left) and colored it while everyone was sleeping. It was very calming, and the smell of Crayola crayons was heavenly.

The other craft was possibly even better: we created haikus. First, J. added missing words to already completed ones, and when he found that he enjoyed it, he attempted a magnetic-poetry-like haiku, except that the words were better than the ones you find in magnetic poetry kits. He put a bunch of words together, and got “Verdant moonquake mandrake jade doodle finch red brick moonlighting.” Sure it’s nonsense, but it sounds great. And then he decorated it:

I liked this activity so much that I intend to recreate it at home. All you need are your favorite words in the English language, some paper and crayons (Crayola, of course).

We ended the evening with a lantern parade around our yard, watching the full moon. It’s good to have celebrations.

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