September 27: fall kitsch

September 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Ah, fall decorating. Maybe you wait until Christmas to get the kitschy decor out, but in our house, as soon as the garden loses its summer luster, we begin decorating. Tonight was a good night to start. O. was asleep by 7:30, and after playing a yoga board game, J. and I got to work. First, though, we lit those health candles from last night (along with Gaia and Green Man).

Then I filled the cornucopia, hoping for abundance. J. asked if you put corn into a cornucopia, which is a great question. There is some corn in there, actually, but it’s hard to see. The boys were sleeping on the couch when I took this picture, so it was taken in complete darkness.

Of course, where would we be without fake leaves in windows and on the piano?

My little helper made his own fall art. I appreciate the calming effect of making things on his otherwise restless self.

All in all, a pleasant evening in our household. You’d never know there was turmoil in the world.


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