September 21: Waldo circus

September 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

I just realized that it’s the Fall Equinox and that I should have made something for the occasion, but it’s too late now. Instead, we spent the evening watching You Tube videos, starting with Elvis, and ending with Daft Punk (J. really liked those two, and Johnny Cash too). D. and I thought it was time we gave J. a crash course in the music that shaped our youths. While we were watching the videos, we also put together a punch-out circus featuring Waldo, Wilma, and the Waldo watchers. Waldo is the new obsession in our house, and this was one of those mindless quasi-creative activities that I really enjoy. Too bad that I couldn’t get one single decent picture of the circus while it was standing,

(half-standing; Led Zeppelin in the background)

but here it is after J. decided it was time to knock it all over and call it a day.

OK, so it’s no great art, but it was one of the better family evenings we have had in a while.

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