September 6: Mini books

September 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

You have got to love Klutz books. And thrift stores that sell them for $1. Today we bought this one:

I am always amazed at how calming making things is for my otherwise very active child; at how much kinder and happier he appears when we are sitting at the dining room table cutting paper or stringing beads. What we makes doesn’t matter at all, I am just to pleased to be spending time with him doing something I believe is good for his soul.

For tonight, we picked out two (quasi)books to make:

A scroll, which he cut out to look more ancient-Egyptian-like, and then added writing in his own made-up language,

the open scroll


the rolled-up scroll


and a camping knife book,

which we all took turns cutting out from the book, and on which he wrote “Mat goes camping.” Backwards. Without separating words. My readers who are parents familiar with Bob books will understand why Mat has only one T.

Good fun. More mini books tomorrow! Maybe we will make one that actually looks good. But that may already be too much to ask.


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