August 27: Origami, or not all craft days are good

August 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Sometimes you have to set your standards low. Like today, when what seemed like a million things claimed my time: a work meeting, taking J. to play in a friend’s backyard where they sprayed each other with a hose and hid in a muddy hole (so yes, changing clothes and washing up were included), spending time with my parents who are going home in three days and I won’t see them for a year, taking my mom shopping, helping J. rebuild a Lego set, embarking on a Lego organizing project for J, showing my mom how to use her new camera, and, yes, let’s not forget, feeding, changing, and putting O. to sleep. Hm. Finding five minutes for oneself to do something creative was not easy. And so only when everyone finally went to bed, I got to pull out my new origami kit.

Now, those who know me know that I don’t like shopping big chains. Except that this doesn’t apply to Tuesday Mornings, the place with the best random cheap art supplies. So when I took my mom there today, I couldn’t resist this home decor origami kit:

(Yes I know this is a terrible picture. I took it in the dark in my bedroom while D. was sleeping because I was too tired to go to another room to photograph the kit.)

It looked so good — it came with beads and wire and gorgeous paper. I should have known that at 10pm I would have little interest in precise folding, and that at this time it would be too late to switch projects and begin something else. I was stuck with origami, and a book with decent, but certainly not easy to follow instructions. This is what came out of it

As bad as the results were, they are not without promise. The one on the left is supposed to be a coaster. With a little imagination you may be able to see the resemblance. The book recommends the use of tape and glue on these projects, and I think that if I fold a little more patiently tomorrow and use a little more glue, I just may end up with some cute looking coasters. The blue piece is a bunny. With another 5-6 of those and some wire provided in the kit, I should have a neat mobile for O. I like the idea, but building even one took forever tonight. The one on the right is a leaf, and it actually turned out fine, but the paper was all wrong, obviously. With the right paper, a few more leaves, and an old branch, I should have a plant that will need no watering. So tomorrow night, provided a little more time and patience (and an earlier start) I may have actual origami results to share.

Perhaps the real creative project of the day was beginning to sort J’s Legos by shape and size so that his future building can be easier. Yes, I know, it is a ridiculous (ocd?) project. The worst of it is, I actually enjoyed it.

small part of his collection

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