August 20: T shirts

August 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Some of my readers may be thinking, Enough of that self-reflective stuff! I want to see some practical creativity, something I can wear, something that can bring my family together!

Well, you are in luck. The other day we were reading There’s a wocket in my pocket by Dr. Seuss, and I was reminded that D. wanted me to make him a T shirt with a bofa on the sofa. J. of course also thought that this would be a great T shirt, and so this morning we got up, I pulled out my inkjet transfer sheets and three blank T shirts, found the image of the bofa on Google images, printed it out (don’t forget to print mirror image), ironed it on, and voila:

One for D, one for J, and one for O. Note that green shirts are not the best for transfers. Now I know.

Also make sure to get the best and priciest transfer paper because it really does make a difference. And above all, go read some Dr. Seuss (though I do find it annoying that there are hardly any female characters, in particular reasonable ones, in any of his books).


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