August 19: More first drafts

August 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

I fell in love with Ponderosa pines, and the smell of the pine forest, on this trip.  Ponderosa pines have needless that grow in tufts of two and three and their bark smells like vanilla. I really wanted to take their smell home, to bottle it and always have it available. Of course, this is impossible, as it should be. So here is what came out of that.

Again, this is a first draft, and needs work. I got up while the family was still snoozing and typed it up. A morning post for a change, before the day’s obligations take over.

Ran into the forest
foxtrot style (slow, slow, quick quick)
long hair flying in the wind (like) running into a 70s commercial embrace with someone presently not seen
bringing handfuls of pine needless to nose sniffing hard
stuffing them into pockets  
prickling thighs
taking them home
to keep on the dashboard and under the pillow
to glue on the plastic tree kept by the front door
to inhale perfection of ponderosa pine in the morning with the first coffee and while opening the mail
But it didn’t smell.

Ran back
backwards this time
guerilla style
hair cut off crawling close to the ground stealthy trespassing on private land
scratching bark off the trees rubbing it like the Buddha’s belly
stuffing it into pockets
scratching thighs
taking it home
to wear around the neck and to put on the mantle
to glue on the plastic tree never growing by the front door
(one that allows you to leave for long vacations without guilt)
to inhale gifts of ponderosa pine while passing in a hurry to get to the next appointment
But it didn’t smell.

The smell lived in the pineness of the tree
The pineness lived in the forest of all forests

You cannot take it home

You cannot have nature in a bottle to spray at your leisure. You cannot build a house for pleasure and no regret to live together, even if essence of pineness guards the door. Craving sugar sweetness dripping on the tongue, you have to be prepared to lose some teeth.


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