August 18: Missed days

August 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

We were visiting wireless-less friends for two days, hence the missed posts. But now we are home again, where it is not as exciting as on the road, but where it is certainly comfortable. Home, where little babies can relax.  Home, where new projects await.

One might hasten to think that it is hard to be creative on the road. But of course this is not so. All I need is a composition book,

a pencil, and a camera.

In the composition book, you could find drafts of future poems

inspired by the high dessert, especially Ponderosa pines, and invasive species  such as starlings and thistles. Go figure.

The camera and I weren’t friends on this trip, as I made too many blurred photos. A few were okay. And even if they weren’t, they count, because I was trying to capture some of the aspects of the world I find intriguing. Such as

birds’ eggs,

building entrances,

riparian areas,

trippy water shows,

and kids building a dam on a hot day.




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