August 10: highlights from the trip

August 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

So. I have been blogging for three weeks now. Forty-nine more to go. What have I gotten myself into? Will anyone be reading this blog by next July? Well, it doesn’t really matter. I am doing this for myself, remember? Yes, it is tiring to be getting my five creative minutes at the end of the day, and going to bed way too late for a nursing mother. But the world has been a little different, a little better in the  last three weeks. I have enjoyed trying to find the art hiding in the everyday activities, thinking about future projects, collecting materials for future projects.

That said, I am actually going to cheat a little, as it’s been a long day, and we have just returned from the beach trip and repacked for a second one on Monday.

I also want to say that, while I love photography, it doesn’t love me back. I really need to take a photography class in the near future. Still, I love to walk around with my camera and look for quirky sights, hidden oddities, and colorful places.

So for today, here are some photographic (not sentimental) highlights of the beach trip: a boy flying a kite,  a strangely beautiful napkin dispenser, and a detail from a taxidermist’s dream.






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