August 8: Beading at the beach

August 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

We are at the  beach! We got away from housecleaning and other stressors (I am not sure what they are, but I know they exist), and here we are, 100 feet from the ocean. So why am I blogging? Good question.

Nevertheless, my eldest child and I had some fun with a $1 bag of plastic beads I bought at Joann’s. Yes, we always take art supplies to all our trips. My favorite thing to do is make stuff with J. after a day of hiking or exploring. He made a necklace, and I made something… let’s call it a keychain. I am reading books about mindfulness these days (though I haven’t put them into practice yet), and so spelled the word “now” with the alphabet beads that came in the bag, as a reminder to stay in the present moment. I may have spelled something different, but unfortunately, the bag was full of Y’s, Q’s and other not-so-useful letters. Regardless, beading is a calming activity, both for my monkey mind, and J’s restless 5-year-old body. It never fails to calm him down.

cheap beads

NOW with chakra colors x 2

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