August 5: puppets again

August 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Last night’s puppets were such a hit that I got a request for a repeat. We got our supplies out on the bed, right before bedtime…

… and discovered we did not have enough paper cups to make the coyote he had in mind. Instead, we discovered old-fashioned clothespins that I bought at a five-and-dime in Port Angeles and completely forgot about for months. Given the supplies at hand, we naturally decided to make dolls. J. also made what he called a stage. Our two dolls seemed to be going to a fancy party…

(forgive the camerawoman for the blurred images; they are always taken right before bed)

… but seemed to have a fight on the way back, judging by the left one’s frown

(I thoroughly enjoyed making a doll with two faces, one happy and one sad. Maybe I will use it to let my family know what kind of mood I am in on a given day.)


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