July 30: Ninja stories and more origami

July 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

We had a quiet morning today, so the creative time happened early. O. is sleeping (I have her nap times figured out already; I wish I had done that when J. was a baby) and J. and I had some origami fun. First, I made him a book out of construction paper,  which he used to create  a Ninjago story that I took dictation for.  If you are wondering what Ninjago is, it means you have not been  following the world of Lego or hanging out with mainstream 5-year old boys. In any case, we wrote the book, whose epic title is Unleash the great devourer:

And since I already had him doing something other than playing with Legos, and since I don’t really have room for storing origami creations, we made cards out of the ones I made yesterday, and turned them into Thank you notes for the aunt and grandparents:

Making origami hearts is especially easy and rewarding, though I have to say that the origami dress has been cheering me up since I discovered it. And so the cards are on their way, O. is still sleeping, J. and D. went on a playdate, which means I have no choice but to enjoy some time on my own.

And, as J’s book says,


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