July 29: Origami

July 30, 2012 § 2 Comments

I had the kids by myself all day. This was a lot of fun except for the fact that J. has decided to stop eating and keeps saying that his belly is full and that he will eat tomorrow. So  this got me worried. Plus, watching kids all day  means no time for something as frivolous as art projects. But I did get to make some origami from some books I got from the library. One claims to be for ages 4 and up, but I had a hard time following instructions (maybe 4-year olds would do better?), so I only made a bunny, a balancing mobile, and a popping toy from that one (yellow paper in picture–the mobile is especially cool). Then I made a dress and star from another library book, called Minigami. This was much more enjoyable, especially the dress.

That’s it from me for today. I hope those who are following this blog were not expecting serious art to come out of my brief daily encounters with creativity.


§ 2 Responses to July 29: Origami

  • I’m an origami fan. Minigami is the best origami book I’ve ever used. I normally use 2 sided coloured papers to make the beautiful dress. Don’t forget to add a lovely handbag too! There are a few simply-to-follow samples in this book. Have you tried the butterfly yet?

    Some origami books are badly written or drawn. It is not your fault not being able to follow some instructions. Some origami books shouldn’t have been published at all!

    Keep it up and have fun!

    • ksimicmuller says:

      Oh, I agree. Some origami books are terrible, and make me so frustrated! I am glad you think so too. I love the minigami book, and will definitely try to make the handbag as well as other things. Thanks!

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