July 28: Collage

July 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

It all started with buying some file organizers at a garage sale this morning. When I got home, I started to organize my mail, then my art supplies, then toys, games, clothes… It got a little out of control. All, of course, between O’s naps. Not sure what possessed me to do it, but it wore me out a bit. Oh, I know I shouldn’t complain. I know women who had to go back to work six weeks after giving birth, not to mention women with 4+ children, or women who work three jobs just to survive. And I am not really complaining, but I do wonder what possesses one/me to make up chores instead of doing nothing and enjoying the day?

I didn’t get to today’s creative project until the kids were asleep (read 10pm).  (No, I don’t consider organizing art supplies a creative activity. ) I did what was easiest: made a collage. I have been making collages in my tattered old notebook that looks like this

since 2007.  Sometimes I use collages to get my priorities straight or to dream. Sometimes I have fun with the images. Sometimes I am trying to say something to myself. It’s always good therapy. Here are some of the past ones:


resist and survive, says Linus


And here is the one I made tonight, and related to the first paragraph of this post:



I do not relate to this woman in a silk nightgown and fancy bed. I know nothing about extravagant lounging. But maybe that is the whole point of this collage. To find the place in me where this well-maintained woman, the dreaming goddess, and the playful, confident girl reside. At the top of the page is a piece of advice by Dr. Phil of all people saying that you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself. Indeed.

It is way past my bedtime. The baby can wake up any time between 12 and 5, and so this post ends.


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