July 23: Coffee cup

July 23, 2012 § 2 Comments

I live in the Northwest; of course I am a little addicted to my lattes. The other day I walked 2.5 miles (in one direction) to get one. I also annoy my family to no end regarding sustainable living, which means that I avoid paper cups at all costs. Since today was hectic — droppped J. off at camp, changed 2 very dirty diapers, answered work emails, put away the laundry, put the baby to sleep, and then realized it was almost time to pick J. up from camp, I had to do a quick project. I  made it a variation of the last two days’ projects: decorating the indispensable non-paper coffee cup that I get my lattes in. I did a bit of decoupage, with good old Mod Podge, using pictures from the Syracuse Cultural Workers catalog (do check them out if you haven’t already). Nothing spectacular, but easy and fun. Here are the results:

(the glue is still drying on the last one)

The whole experience was a little unnerving, as I felt guilty that I am not cleaning the house instead, and also wrote this post as I was out the door to pick J. up (I edited later). I guess that’s part of the process: learning to enjoy my creative time and not feel guilty about it.

Tomorrow, I will do something different. I am also thinking how to include my firstborn in these projects. I am not sure if I should push him, or just wait for his interest in making things to return.


§ 2 Responses to July 23: Coffee cup

  • Forget about cleaning the house, at least until O is crawling and even then clean only to avoid food borne disease, the floor and stuff away from the edges. No one ever said I wished I spent more time cleaning.

    I should have taken a picture of it, but yesterday I just picked up some beading stuff in a box for my first born and she actually just happily played at sorting and threading stuff for 45 minutes. No asking to watch PBS kids, nada. I’m hoping for a repeat of this again today. Of course, she’d spent nearly 3 hours on a playdate with a couple of friends so I think she was ready for a little down time.

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