July 21: Birthday collage

July 21, 2012 § 3 Comments

For my birthday, I made myself a collage card. True to the nature of my project, I didn’t search hard for pictures, but used whatever I found in the three magazines I bought at the library for 10 cents each. While J. was watching Ben 10, O. was still sleeping, and D. was making my birthday latte, this is what I came up with:

Front of the card

The middle part

The middle up close

Middle, other side

… and back.

(The image on the back is a Sheela-na-gig; not a pornographic image but an ancient Irish/English design thought to chase evil spirits away).

While we are on the subject on being creative and birthdays, here are the gifts my honey had put out for me before I got up:

I used my old camera, so the picture quality is not the best. Nevertheless, I am pleased with the results of the first day, and excited about this blog.



§ 3 Responses to July 21: Birthday collage

  • Rachel says:

    What a wonderful start to your project. I’ve been thinking about your comment on the last post and not whether I want to join you on this journey, but how. The loveletterstoTucson project I hope to do on a weekly or fortnightly basis, more than that and I might implode. It is a dedication of a significant time block every couple of weeks to creativity, but I like the idea of daily dedication to creativity. Recently on my personal blog I posted about how i seem to be squeezing work in any which way at the expense of my family and my own development. I love my work, but I need to spend more time away from the screen. For my health I need to dedicate daily time to exercise or I won’t be here to enjoy life, but I need mental health too and dedicating five minutes a day seems like a wonderful start. I don’t want to commit to posting daily, but I aim to take a picture on the phone and share them in one post periodically. Right now we’re on our way back from Doug’s family and our travels mean I’m tired, but inspired, between friends and family I’ve seen such beautiful examples of creativity. We’re in Albuquerque with friends right now and I think you would love them. They are the epitome of community minded, creative types, they are inspirational. I’m rambling and I should get up and talk with said friends. Love to you on your wonderful journey.

    • Ksenija Simic-Muller says:

      Your post makes me realize how much I regret now meeting you earlier before we left Tucson, and not being able to see you and talk to you more. I relate to what you are saying. My work has taken over my life, and this maternity leave is quite a blessing. Who knows what will happen when I go back to work full time. Do send pictures whenever you can, and do take care of your health. Love to you!

  • I think that it is a plague of American society that there is little recognition of the worth of free time and of vacation. How much more productive would we be in the work place if our minds as well as our bodies were well taken care of? We need to make that appointment with ourselves a priority. We can not take care of our families or our jobs if we do not first take care of ourselves. I wish I’d met you earlier too, but so pleased I did.

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